Friday, May 24, 2013

Most Populat Student Blackboard Task

Global Navigation and My Blackboard

This movie provides a tour of global navigation and My Blackboard. Now all your academic information is organized in one place, providing a consistant quick and easy way to find everything. Blackboard has applied a "Facebook" layout, that students are used to.Watch It Now!

My Blackboard Profile

This movie shows you how to create your Blackboard Profile. Your profile is completely separate from your Blackboard account so you can add a picture, a nickname, and even information from Facebook and Twitter. Share your profile with other people at SU and with other Bb schools, so they can get to know you. Watch It Now!

Working in your course

Staying Organized and Communicating

Setting Your Preferences and controlling your Environment

You can find additional how-to instructions on the SU Blackboard Support Site ( and within the SU Atomic Learning site. Click here to go to Atomic Learning. 

Students should contact their instructors with questions about assignment expectations, assignments/test not visible, and request for test resets. The SU Bb Support Staff cannot assist students with these items.

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