Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Student Viewpoint Review - Wunderlist 2

Wunderlist 2 Review
by Martin Smith

Hello beautiful people! This is Martin, and I am here with yet another technology review! This week I have taken a gander at Wunderlist 2, an organizational application provided by the company 6wunderkinder. Wunderlist 2 is essentially a modernized to-do list. I will share my thoughts on this product and as always, the link to download will be at the end of the article.

Amazingly, it seems that 6wunderkinder have actually succeeded in vastly improving the age-old organizational tool, the to-do list, with Wunderlist 2. Improving a tried and true organizational method alone is a feat deserving of recognition. Wunderlist 2 keeps the original function of the to-do list intact while adding many more helpful features, most of which are optional. Some of these features are: the ability to organize a group event with other Wunderlist 2 users, detail your lists in pretty much anyway possible, and set reminder alerts.

Conclusively, Wunderlist 2 fulfills its function with a grace uncommonly seen in an app. The structure of Wunderlist is very intuitive; all of the features offered are very easy to understand and use. The only complaint I have with Wunderlist 2 is the fact that you cannot set a task to reoccur on a particular day-of-the-week basis.

I would highly recommend this list to anyone seeking to further his or her scheduling and basic life organization. To me, Wunderlist 2 is what it sounds like when spoken: the second version of an application that is a wonderful list.

In my opinion, Wunderlist 2 is deserving of three-and-a-half stars out of 4. Except for the singular issue stated, this app is very solid and very deserving of high marks.

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