Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mobile Apps To Consider

If you are like many mobile device users, going to the app store is like an online, endless mall—so many apps, so little time.. While strolling through the App Store is a lot of fun, it can be overwhelming to look through the 500,000+ apps in the Apple and Android App Stores.

 So I thought I would highlight a few of them for you below:

SundryNotesSundry Notes (free) Sundry Notes is an app that provides you with the ability to import pdf files, format writing, make quick drawings, run searches on wikipedla, google, and google books, snag images off the internet, make recordings, among other functions. You can use this application to organize all of your course content and store it in one place. Math majors  might also enjoy the ability to work on ‘virtual graph paper'.

GroupboardGroupboard (free)

Groupboard turns your iOS  device into a collaborative whiteboard, allowing you to draw and chat in real time with other people anywhere on the internet, even with users using a web browser. Use it for online tutoring, collaborative design, or just for fun!

groupworldGroupworld (free) Groupworld is a secure, customizable, cross-platform web conferencing/meeting software package that allows you to set up online meeting rooms with whiteboard, voice/video conferencing and desktop sharing. Users can connect to Groupworld using a Mac, Windows PC, iPad or Android tablet.

EducreationsEducreations (free)
Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated assignment... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play... With voice recording realistic digital ink, photo imports, and simple sharing through email, Facebook or Twitter, now you can broadcast your ideas from anywhere.

discoverappsDiscovr Apps (free) Discovr Apps is an interactive map of the App Store and makes it easy to discover new apps for your iPhone & iPad. You can search for an app that you like or choose from one of Apple's featured apps. The tool shows you how the apps you choose are connected in a massive, never-ending map of the App Store, andprovides recommendations for other apps to download.


A simple doodling board, markers, and one-click sharing tools make spreading your ideas and know-how easy and fun! Just - Record It. Sketch It. Share It. - to create a sharable, replay-able video that tells your story clearly.
Why share to Because it provides a short URL that’s easy to share anywhere.You can download your video as an MPEG-4 file.

 Have a lot to do this semes­ter? Keep track of it all with this sim­ple and intu­itive task manager.

Flash My Brain 
A flash­card appli­ca­tion, this awe­some tool will help you turn your notes into incred­i­bly use­ful flash­cards for studying.

Around Me
Bored on a Sat­ur­day night? Use this appli­ca­tion and find out what’s going on in your community.

Good Read
How many times have you had class read­ings given in PDF form? Now, with GoodReader, you can bring those read­ings with you, take notes, and high­light in one easy place.

Outliner For iPad
Cre­ate to-do lists, track a project or lay out an entire research paper using this pro­duc­tiv­ity tool — a great way to make sure you’re on task and your papers flow well.

This is just a sampling of the apps available to help you succeed in your school work.  You can see other selected college apps by clicking here and here.

Of course want to make sure you have the SU specific apps. This apps are used as classroom tools, communication tools, and informational tools. Make sure you have the following:
  • SU's Mobile App - Download from 
  • Bb Mobile Learn -  Download from App Store, Also included in SU's Mobile App
  • Bb Collaborate - Download from the App Store
  • Shenandoah Dinning Services - Download from the App Store
  • Shenandoah Athletics - Download from

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