Monday, March 4, 2013

Xplore It Giveaway Week

Welcome to Xplore It Giveaway Week

Hey SU Students, we want to see how you have been using the technology available at SU—and you have the ability share with us via Xplore It.  All you have to do is capture a short video that highlights how you have been using technology and then upload your video @   If you film, share and upload a video this week you will get a cool prize for your efforts. 

In fact, any SU student(s) that visits and works with me to upload a video into Xplore It this week will receive a prize.

So--find me at some point during the week of March 5-8 (I will be wearing a pink Blackboard cap), and I will assist you with uploading a video to Xplore It.  You will receive a free gift once you have completed your video upload. 

It is seriously that easy -- Find me (in the pink Bb hat), upload a short video (approx. 2 minutes) - and receive an awesome gift.  (Note: You must work with me to upload your video in order to receive a prize.)
Not sure where to start ... 
Read more about Xplore It - @
--and we encourage you to be creative with video topics.  For example, show us how you are using technology to enhance your presentations or how you are using specific apps to be more productive --- or show us how you are using the technology available to document campus events.

Just show us how technology is an everyday, integrated part of your college experience -- and we'll give you a cool prize in return.
**Here's is a list of my locations this week (March 5th through March 8th) --

Monday - My Office (Alson H. Smith, Jr. Library Basement - rm 41) from 1-2:30pm
Tuesday - My Office from 1:30-2:30pm
Wednesday - 11-1pm @ Cork Street
Thursday - 11-1pm @ Wilkins Building and My Office from 3-5pm
Friday - 11-1 @ HPB 

Additional times, locations--and details will be posted here throughout the week.

Please refer to Atomic Learning (log on to Blackboard and click on the Atomic Learning link under Bb Tools) if you need assistance with iMovie or other video editing applications.

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