Monday, March 4, 2013

Additional Locations for Xplore It Giveaway

Hey SU Students, It is Xplore It Giveaway Week!  
Come visit me at various campus locations for assistance with Xplore It video upload.
Find out more @

As promised, I am adding a location now and will continue to add locations throughout the week.  Look for me tomorrow morning (remember I will be wearing a pink Blackboard cap) - 
in front of Jazzman's Cafe in the Brandt Student Center from 9am-10am.  Again, I will be at this location to assist you with your video upload.  Remember, you will receive an awesome reward once we have completed your video upload.

Until then - if you are looking for video inspiration feel free to use these question prompts - 
Are you training for The Stinger Sprint Obstacle Race?  Did you happen to capture footage from "Into the Woods" this weekend?  Are you making preparations for the impending snow storm?  Is there are particular weather app or web site you are using to track the storm and prepare?

Film today--and come see me tomorrow!

New locations and details will also be posted on the Student Training Calendar @

Also, watch other student produced videos via Xplore It in the SU app @
Find out how to download the SU app for your device at

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