Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Student Viewpoint - SU Mobile App Review

SU App Review -
by Demetrius Younger 

I was very pleased overall with the SU mobile app. It puts practically all of Shenandoah University and its happenings straight into the users pocket. The download process is relatively short considering all the information the user has access to after. I downloaded the app from the iMLearning page, under the Recommended Links section, to my Galaxy Android phone. Other locations include: (direct link), Blackboard Support site, and the Student Technology Blog

Any happenings at Shenandoah whether it be related to sports or other events and campus news can easily be accessed. The student is also able to access the different courses available to them in the Course section, as well as Blackboard to check course updates and newly posted assignments. My favorite part of the whole app is Maps. Maps gives the student a layout of the main campus, health departments, and finally downtown. This will allow students who either may not be from the area or an international student trying to find their way around Winchester. Finally, the Emergency button provides the safety blankets students may need in case any incident happens that requires assistance. A list of contacts are provided both on campus and off should anything occur. Overall the SU mobile app meets the needs of the students perfectly, and I would recommend every student download it. Information that you would have to open your laptop for can now be obtained right off your phone. 

Only two things in my opinion should be added to this application. One is the addition of the campus shuttle schedule that commutes students around. This would clear up any confusion about where the van stops and at what times so students can more easily determine how they should travel. Second, would be to create a separate meal application that so students can see exactly what both the Cafe and grill are serving for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As it stands now students do not find out what they are being served until after they swipe their meal cards, and if they were to decide that they did not want what is offered it is too late to change their minds. The prices of other foods offered outside the meal plan could also be listed in this app. I am thinking maybe this app would cut down on big crowds in both areas as well. 

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