Thursday, February 14, 2013

Link Dropbox to Bb Mobile Learn

Did you know you can link your Dropbox account to Bb Mobile Learn on your iOS and Android device(s)?

Yep--and after linking Dropbox to Bb Mobile Learn you can easily manage course documents from your mobile device of preference without ever needing to leave the Bb Mobile Learn app.  Essentially, you will be able to save course content to your Dropbox as well as upload documents to discussions and blogs with one quick tap or click.  
(Note: This ability is not restricted to mobile devices.) 

If you already have Dropbox set up on your device--click the settings icon in Bb Mobile Learn and select Link Dropbox to give the app permission to access your Dropbox account.

Need help with Dropbox -- visit the Dropbox Help Center @

Information about Blackboard Mobile Learn and Dropbox Integration derived from Blackboard Mobile site @


  1. I extremely like your site and its updates!!! These are truly inspiring and mobiles