Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This month, SU began its second year of student printing with the WEPA system. Last year, using WEPA helped the university save  nearly 3,000,000 pages over the previous year, a 50% reduction. This year, there are a number of enhancements and changes of interest to new and returning students. 

  • Save money by printing your pages two-sided. The university will provide a $0.02 reduction on the second page for all duplex printing. Otherwise, the page cost of printing remains the same at $0.09 for black and white and $0.49 for color prints. Last year's print credit, provided to help with the transition to a new printing system, will not be offered this year.  
  • Students will be able to tag their WEPA account, linking it to any card with a magnetic strip on the back, such as their SU ID card. A tagged card makes logging in to a print kiosk much faster than before. New printer drivers will also make printing much faster than in the past. These drivers will be available on the SU Self Service site or from the WEPA website. 
  •  Convenient $5 WEPA print cards are available for purchase in Smith Library and in the Health Sciences Library. 
  • The university is in the process of moving some of the print kiosks to more convenient locations in Ruebush Hall, East Campus Commons and Halpin-Harrison Hall. 

The university has created WEPA accounts for all incoming students registered prior to Wednesday, Aug. 15. Students should monitor their SU email for login information. 

For more information, contact Christopher Bean, director of university libraries, at or 540/665-4553.

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