Thursday, March 22, 2012

Social Learning Survey Opportunity for Students

The Blackboard Product Development team is currently investigating what features are important to you when managing your online identity or making decisions about integrating social media into your online learning experience. Some of you may have already completed a related one, but we encourage you to participate again. Please set aside approximately 30 minutes to tell us about yourself and answer 32 question pairs so we can better understand your motivations.

About the Survey - This is the first of two followups to earlier surveys we conducted on social learning. Questions will be delivered in pairs to ask you how you would feel if a feature WAS included and if the feature WAS NOT included in Blackboard Learn.

To Participate - Share the link with other students, instructors, and instructional designers who may be interested! This survey will be available to you for the next week. To take the survey, click on the following URL or paste it into your browser:

Survey Link:

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