Friday, February 24, 2012

Using the Bb Mobile App - Pt.2 (Navigating)

We are continuing our discussion on the new Bb app available for ipod,iphone and ipad from the apple store. (if you need to catch up see previous post.)
One you log in with your Bb username and password you will see  on the left side a column containing Courses in which you are enrolled. If there are several you can scroll the list up and down by dragging your finger within the list.
At the lower left bottom you can choose whether you want to view your courses or your organizations which you are involved in.
You will see in the middle of the screen a list of menu items you can choose from. Those items with a blue arrow to the right contain a submenu. When these items (with the blue arrows) are clicked the sub menu appears to the right of the main menu.
Your Blackboard Dashboard opens up when the Dashboard tab on the right is clicked. It closes when clicked again.
You can log off with the button on the top.

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