Thursday, February 23, 2012

Using the Bb Mobile App - Pt.1 (downloading and logging in)

Guess don't need your laptop to access Blackboard. Shenandoah also offers it's students a mobile Bb app usable on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.The Blackboard Mobile Learn app is available for download in the App store. Simply search for Blackboard Mobile Learn to locate it.  There are separate versions available for both iPhone/iPod and iPad.  Once you have downloaded and opened Blackboard Mobile Learn: you need to enter Shenandoah in the search bar. After you enter the search name “Learn-Shenandoah University” will appear for you to select.  A log-in box will appear for you to enter your username and password. NOTE: THIS IS THE SAME USERNAME/PASSWORD YOU ENTER TO ACCESS BLACKBOARD . Now look around a bit. It's really neat and we will be continuing our mobile Bb app training for the next few posts!

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