Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to Set Your Privacy Options

Since we've focused on "My Places" for the last two days, let's continue with how to set your privacy options. What this means is choosing what personal information you wish to make public. Note that your  name will be listed in the Roster and Group pages (if applicable) in any courses or organizations in which you are enrolled.
To set your privacy options follow the steps below;
1) Click "My Places" at the top of your Bb page.
2) Select Personal Information
3) Select Privacy Options
4) Edit what personal information you wish to make available by checking the selections in section 1.
5) In section 2 check whether you want your information listed in the directory. (by default your information is NOT included)
6) Choose the classes if any that you do not want receiving emails from. NOTE: You will always receive emails from your instruction no matter if the class selection is turned on or off.

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