Monday, February 6, 2012

Copy and Paste from Word Ain't Cool, Dude.

Just a reminder.
You could experience multiple problems viewing text that has been pasted directly from a MS Word into Blackboard. Doing so can result in text not bring viewable,  strangely formatted text/unusual characters and worst of all...corruption of entire courses!

The cause of this issue is the accompanying word processor formatting code that is included when using the copy/paste feature. This bad HTML/XML code MUST be removed prior to pasting into Blackboard.

Use the Mashup
Bb provides users with a 'mashup' in every text area that strips away all the bad code automatically. The icon for the mashup is illustrated below.


  • Copy from Word
  • Click the Mashup icon
  • Select 'Paste from Word'
  • Paste into the provide text box using CNRL V or COMMAND V
  • Then click submit
It's as easy as that and can save you and everyone else a lot of frustration! (Plus you would never again have to hear me say 'Ain't Cool, Dude')

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