Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can I run Windows on my Mac?

Last week IC received an email asking if Windows could be run on the Mac so I thought I'd address that in today's blog.
I had been a Windows person for about as many years as there has BEEN Windows and last year I graduated to the Mac. At first I felt very overwhelmed...until I gave it a little bit of time. I love my Mac and find myself asking why anyone would WANT to run Windows on a Mac. But my opinion aside the answer is yes you can run Windows on your Mac. If you find you absolutely can't work in the Mac environment simply bring your laptop to the helpdesk and they will install Virtual Box.
You can attend one of our Student Drop In sessions (you can register here) and we can go over any problems you are having trying to work your Mac!

A Little Mac Trivia
As a student, Steve Jobs worked at an orchard picking ...yes you guessed it...Apples! 'Mac' is short for McIntosh (the type of apple he picked).

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