Monday, August 11, 2014

SU Technology Tips and Tricks by Devon Taylor

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Health Professions Building 

11:00 - 1:00 - In Front of Library
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Good Morning Everyone,

This week I've got a quick overview of the new Blackboard, a great way to unsubscribe from newsletters and a tutorial on how to split a pdf using Preview.
If you have any questions, let me know!

SU Tips and Tricks

New Blackboard is Here
The new hosted version of Blackboard is up and running and available for all at
Students will not see their Fall 2014 courses until the first day of the semester (8/25) or until the instructor of record makes the course available to students. The new system has several new features such as a content collection, an ePortfolio system, less clicks, and much more. IC is currently working on updating the Bb support site, with information on all the new features so stay tuned.
Easy Unsubscribe from Newsletters
It happens all the time...we sign up for a service online and then get inundated with emails and newsletters we really don't want.  Well no more! Google has recently started moving unsubscribe links to the very top of emails. Hopefully this can help you turn the tide of junk emails in your inbox! Click the link for a quick explanation of where you can find these unsubscribe links.
Split a PDF Using Preview on Mac
Using Preview on your Mac, you can create new PDF's out of a current document.  If you want to save just one page or even several pages out of document, it is as easy as click, drag, and drop! Check out the link for a short walkthrough video demonstrating the process.

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