Friday, August 15, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 8/11-8/15

Student Tech Buzz 8/11-8/15

The new SU Bb environment is here.

How does the server change impact you?
  • Fall courses will take place on the new server!
  • Fall courses will NOT be available to students until professors make their courses available (courses will automatically become available on the first day of class)!
  • The Blackboard link on will NOT change to the new SU Bb environment until the complete conclusion of the summer semester.
  • Change any Bb Bookmarks you have made to the new server's URL so that you arrive in the right location.
ePortfiolios in the New SU Bb
On the landing page of the new Bb environment ("Courses"), you may notice that there is a "Tools" module on the left side of the page. The first link on the list will take you to the incredible ePortfiolio tool.

With ePortfiolios you can store, manage, maintain, and share the valuable experiences that you have worked hard to achieve. Now, the product of your academic labor can stay with you in a simple, attractive, and well organized portfolio, right inside of Blackboard.
Edit Your Notification Settings on the New SU Bb
Want to receive a SMS when your professor grades an important test? Care for an email when a class announcement is made? Maybe you would like to receive a Voice-to-Text (a sweet robot voicemail) when a new assignment becomes available. 

All of this can happen, let's talk about how!
  • If you intend on having Bb send a SMS or a Text-to-Voice to your phone, first you will need to edit your personal information to include your cell phone number. (follow the below instructions, but instead of clicking "edit Notification settings" click "Personal Information" and then "Edit Personal Information").
  • To edit your notification settings, click the area with your name in the top-right corner of Bb, and a drop-down list will appear. Click "Settings." Now click "Edit Notification Settings." From here you can edit the notification settings of courses in bulk or individual courses. Make sure to pay close attention to the options so that you can perfect the ways in which you are notified about your academic experience.

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