Friday, August 1, 2014

IC's (Not Just) Datatel Group

Though the majority of IC resides within the basement of the Smith Library and the Help Desk in Howe Hall, many actually work outside of main campus. The largest concentration of  IC staff away from main campus work in the Bowman building on the walking mall. 

This group is commonly referred to all as the "Datatel Group." Though that name is misleading because they do much more than managing and maintaining Datatel. In fact, the proper name for their group is the "Administrative Services Group." 

Each of the group members gave me their general job responsibilities so that I could inform you, the reader, who it is that maintains and supports some of the most important systems that you might encounter on a day-to-day basis. Here's the breakdown of services each group member supports and who to contact if you have questions:

Seth Burke
  • Data Exchange with Kronos which maintains leave requests and balances online for faculty and staff.
  • Webop report creation/maintenance. (Replaces current OPREPORTS)
  • Manages server operations, maintenance and cloning. 
  • Datatel account and database access security
  • Provides technical support for Human Resources Department and Business Office.
Jeremiah Shifflett 
  • Webadvisor (Includes Self Service, online registration, advising, Ecommerce payment gate way)
  • ImageNow/WebNow Administrator (document imaging)
  • Manages third party software integrations
  • Provides technical support for Student Accounts and Admissions departments.
Ruth Calendine 
  • iDashboard creation and maintenance for Vice Presidents
  • Administrative software update maintenance and installation in Colleague (Datatel)
  • Primary reporting analyst for administrative and executive staff
  • Provides technical support for Financial Aid and Registration departments

David Hoffman
  • Manager of the Colleague Support Group
  • Project Coordination
  • Scheduling Consulting Resource 
  • Data Exchange with Advancement

Critical services that keep this university running efficiently as possible are where these folks target their labor. Spearheading the support and management of these types of system is a tricky task, but the Administrative Services Group (aka Datatel Group) is up to the challenge, and does a fantastic job. 

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