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SU Technology Tips and Tricks by Devon Taylor

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Good Morning Everyone,

I have great information today regarding a few new features and changes to Google Drive as well as a time saver for those who use multiple pivot tables in Excel. If you have any questions, let me know!

SU Tips and Tricks

Separate Pages for Docs, Sheets & Slides
With this most recent update, Google has made it extremely easy to find your Drive documents. You can now go to separate websites to access all your Docs, Sheets and Slides. Looking for that spreadsheet from last week? Go to the Sheets page and see only your sheets. That presentation from a month ago? It can be found on the Slides page! Check out the links below and see for yourself how fast it is to find what you are looking for with the new document specific sites.
Google Sheets Filter Views
Have a spreadsheet of data that you have to manipulate often?  You can now save multiple filters into "Filter Views".  This makes frequent slicing and dicing of your data much faster and easier!  Check out the link to learn more and see how you can create filter views in Google Sheets!
Pivot tables are a great way to extract information from large sets of data you have in Excel, but sometime you need to see more than one thing at a time.  Instead of starting from scratch every time you need another pivot table, you can clone your pivot table and then make the changes you need.  This also keeps both tables linked to the same set of data.  Check out the link for a quick overview of how save time by cloning your pivot tables.

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