Monday, July 21, 2014

Excitement, Blackboard Style

As you know, I've just been to Blackboard world, and that means I've got some pretty cool information to share with you. Relatively soon, everybody who uses Bb  is going to be using a much more streamlined Bb experience.

What awesome things are coming down the pipe for us SU Bb users? 
Hold on to your swimsuits because we're about to dive into some fresh user-interface waters, and it's going to be stunning. 

Posted on Bb's Twitter (@Blackboard) During the Day 2 Keynote
Though it is true that every user will soon be positively affected by a more modern Bb U.I.(user interface), perhaps those who will benefit the most from the changes will be professors. They get to look forward to moderating much more streamlined, browser based, Bb Collaborate sessions. Additionally, professors will also be able to use a brand new app called Bb Grader (which does exactly what the name implies, it allows professors to grade their Bb courses via their mobile devices). 

The soon to be released Grader app. Posted by @SilvaEric1
Oh, did I forget to mention that Blackboard Learn is getting an entirely new look and feel? The new Bb Learn will be coded in such a way that you can resize the browser window in any way you see fit allowing for a seamless, modern, and attractive Blackboard experience regardless of window size or device.

Sneak peak at the new Bb Learn interface posted by @IDLAGravette
As you can see from these screenshots that I borrowed from twitter (if you're a twitter junky, check out #BbWorld14), Bb is doubling down on modernizing their user interface. From everything I can tell, they are making incredibly smart choices with their products, and I think SU users are going to enjoy the changes.


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