Friday, June 13, 2014

Blackbaord Collaborate Updated Friday, June 13

Blackboard is pleased  to announce the availability of an updated Collaborate Enterprise Building Block for Blackboard Learn.

New Functionality

Windows Launcher

  • Windows Launcher is a new utility for Windows end users that provides a convenient and reliable way to launch Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions and records.  Please refer to Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for full details.

Resolved Issues

This release resolves the following:
  • B2 4.3.x does not localize dates on Collaborate Session/Recording list pages when using Standard Learn Language Packs.
  • Cannot edit expired sessions.
  • Guest URL appears for students when joining sessions.
  • External Invitee uses invitee email address to send mail and as Display Name in session.
  • B2 4.2.x dropped the usage of the ListAttendance table to store the session attendance.
  • Ability to add moderators without restricting access was removed in 4.2.x.
  • Myroom recording is not generating guest link.
  • Loading and preloading content is confusing, particularly when the content is a PowerPoint file.
  • User cannot create guest-enabled session on session creation.
  • Cannot alter access for a restricted recording.
  • Student role can no longer be granted Convert Recording permission.
  • Guest URL shows up in expired sessions.
  • Moderator assignment  for new My Rooms is given to first user to view the Collaborate tool.
  • If guestlink display name includes an apostrophe, an error is returned.
  • Collaborate tool link on Course Menu removed after upgrade to 4.3.
  • Available recording files are not being re-checked.
  • Collaborate recordings are not checked periodically and updated if Recording Conversion is disabled.
  • Unavailable Course because of date range setting results in "The End Date Time must be greater than the Start Date Time" message.
  • Editing series of sessions causes integrated telephony data to disappear from the Room Details page.
  • Incorrect Korean translations in the Collaborate B2.
  • When creating an announcement, user is is unable to select a Collaborate session for mashup in the announcement.
  • Attendance Pullback API issues resolved.

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