Friday, May 23, 2014

Visiting the "Tech Support" Sub-Tabs

The "Tech Support" top frame tab has valuable resources, and if you have never explored them, you could be left wondering, "Why does everybody else seem to know this but me?"

For this blog's purposes, we will visit each sub-tab in bullets in the order that they appear in Bb.

Let's get started:

  • Help Desk:  This is the Help Desk website embedded within SU Bb.  You can also access this site from the SU Bb Login Portal.  This site contains all of the information that the Help Desk deems important for all SU users.  Remember when we switched to 1SU?  You would have found information about the change there.
  • 24/7 Trainer: A sleek and informative support page that is embedded within Bb.  This site has a little bit of everything (including another set of the SU Bb login portal links). Want to know where you can find Devon Taylor when he is out and about?  Visit this sub-tab and you'll see a schedule in the right hand corner.  
  • Blackboard Support: This is SU's Bb support page embedded within Bb.  Here you can find System News which is news that is dedicated to the status and important information surrounding SU's Bb environment.  Additionally, you can visit this site to find tutorials and information about how to use Blackboard functionally.  Make sure to check the Traveling Bb Support schedule to see where Tristan Plummer and Techwinkle will be providing SU Bb support next!
  • Web Help Desk:  This is is the work order website embedded within Bb.  Here you can submit work orders to receive quick and efficient help that is tracked and recorded to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Tech Blog: This blog embedded within Bb.  Since you are currently reading this tech blog, you probably know a little about it. But, this sub tab is another way you can easily access this blog.
  • Library Passwords: Where you can go to find the passwords for various library resources.  This is an extremely important sub-tab if you are trying to get the most out of our library system!  Make sure to check it out.
  • Atomic Learning:  The service that allows you to get the help you need for almost all the software you would need to use on a day-to-day basis.  This resource is invaluable when you are trying to learn a new piece of software and do not have anybody around to teach you. With Atomic Learning, you can receive the information you need in short, to the point, video tutorials, check it out!
  • Media Services:  The Media Services website embedded within Bb!  The information on this page is your guide for all things related to Media Services included, and perhaps most importantly, the best ways to contact Media Services.  Keep in mind, this is where you can also go to request training from Media Services.
If you need assistance, and it is tech related, the "Tech Support" tab within SU's Bb environment is one heck of a great place to start.  Get familiar with your resources so that you can spend more time accomplishing your tasks, and less time figuring out how to make it happen!