Monday, April 21, 2014

The Moose Does Not Stand Alone 4/21

Techwinkle, the Traveling Bb Support mascot, and the UX Moose, the Bb Inc.'s Usability Team's moscot, have come together in yet another symbotic fashion that benefits both parties.

Sure, today was a beautiful day, but isn't the only thing that made it great! Hooray! Today was one of those awesome days when representatives from Bb Inc. voyage to SU to conduct research about which directions Blackboard will head in the future.

How does this all work? 

It's easy! Bb Inc. gets information from SU users that they need to develop future products, and SU users get their issues resolved and stated needs met in future Bb releases and upgrades!

Additionally, having some of the people who design Blackboard's features on hand is never a bad thing!

It's never day for the SU Bb user when Techwinkle and the UX Moose come together!

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