Monday, April 28, 2014

Study Abroad's Website & Locations accessible from SU's Bb Environment

Studying abroad is perhaps the most life altering experience that can be accomplished at a university.  That being said, the valuable information contained within the Study Abroad website should be available and accessible to all SU users regardless of their roll!

If you want to access this information from SU's Bb environment, there are many ways to get there. From the login portal you will find a link that takes you directly to the Study Abroad website without ever logging into Bb.  Additionally, when you land into Bb you can find a Study Abroad link on the "Quick Links" in the bottom left corner of the Courses page.  Students will have access to a "Study Abroad" sub tab when they click into the "Students" top frame tab in Bb, and Faculty/Staff have access to a "Study Abroad" link within their "Links" sub tab of the "Faculty" or "Employee" top frame tab.

Regardless of the way you get to the Study Abroad information, it's just important that you go there.  You should stay up to date and current with study abroad information, and like many of your peers, consider applying!

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