Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Internet Explorer Security Update From IC's Security Administrator

If you are required to use Internet Explorer (aka: IE) for certain task on the Web, you should use IE for those functions. You should use another browser like Firefox or Chrome for everything else, like accessing e-mail and Blackboard.

Also when using a computer you should;
  1. Make sure all of the operating system's patches are installed
    1. Apple OS X - Run Software Updates.
    2. Windows - Run Windows Update. All SU Windows computers should automatically install Windows updates.
  2. Make sure the computer's Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware is running and up-to-date. All SU computers should have McAfee Anti-Virus/Malware installed.
    1. Apple OS X - Look for a red shield with an M in the "Menu Bar" (where the clock is).
    2. Windows - Look for a red shield with an M in the "System Tray" (where the clock is)
  3. Make sure all applications installed on the computer are running the most current/patched version. This will vary from application to application. Most current apps have a "check for update" menu choice or an About [app name] menu choice that will check for updates.
    • If you access specific servers or applications make sure the function you use them for will support the most current version of the application.
    • If an app is installed but no longer needed it should be uninstalled.
Once Microsoft releases a patch for this issue Institutional Computing (IC)  will test the patch and, if no problems are found, push the patch to SU Windows computers. Apple OS X updates are tested and provided in a similar method, but the OS X user has to run the update process.
If you want to know more about the security failure with Internet Explorer, read Tristan's post by clicking here.

Happy, but Safe Computing!

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