Friday, March 7, 2014

FACULTY: Tell Bb Inc. what you use to teach

ONLINE SURVEY: What do you use to teach?

Blackboard Incorporated is looking for facutly thoughts around the materials used to teach.  How should Bb present information to students?  What does faculty's course reuse process look like? How are these materials?  These are just some of the questions Bb has with regard to “What do faculty use to teach?”  To complete the entire survey,  please click this link to answer all 12 questions:

  *   Who's invited? Bb is looking for instructors and instructional designers who are specifically interested in course content, sharing content and the reuse of content. If you are simply passionate about sharing content, getting access to OER content, collaborative content creation, or even just better means for organizing and reusing content, Bb would like you to get involved as well.

  *   What's the time commitment? The survey is 25% multiple choice and 75% open-ended questions with a total of 12 questions.  This should take between 10 and 20 minutes of your time, depending on how specific and detailed you would like to get with your answers.

If you have any question about participation, please feel free to email Bb directly at

Thanks for helping get the faculty voice heard!

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