Monday, February 10, 2014

SU's Bb Team Wants to Hear About Your SU Bb Experience!

Techwinkle on top of Mt. Girl Scout Cookies
In case you didn't know, the SU Bb team is in the basement of the Smith Library.  Being in the basement, it is easy to get isolated from the rest of the day-to-day affairs of our marvelous campus.  That's why, now more than ever, we want to hear what you have to say!

At the beginning of last semester, we had power issues that resulted in our servers going down, and at the time it was a huge complaint.  Believe me, we've heard about it, and we've been neurotically diligent about making sure our system is up and accessible. Have you noticed our system performance has been more or less flawless recently?

Now we want to know what you, the user, think about our current SU Bb environment. The other thing is, we don't want you to sugar coat it.  In order to improve, you must first come to an understanding, and sometimes, reality can sting.  We want to understand what you dislike so that we can potentially change Blackboard into something you do like!

Things we want to hear about:
  • Design issues that drive you nuts
  • Layout problems that offend your aesthetic
  • Too much information blasting you in the fast
  • Too little information leaving you bamboozled
Keep in mind, we want to hear your issues, but we don't want to read any flames, trolling (Okay so asking the internet not to troll you is basically the same as asking for trolling to occur), and inappropriate content.  Let's stay professional and civil, folks!

Rarely do people ask you to complain, so take your shot, and give us what information you can! Just remember to be as in depth as possible.

Feel free to fill out the survey; however, if you stop by and visit Tristan Plummer at Traveling Blackboard Support he will make sure to give you an entire box of Girl Scout cookies for your time.

Yes, you just read it right.  If you give Tristan Plummer quality information, we will give you an entire box of Girl Scout cookies!

However you are more than welcome to fill out the following survey (but no promise of delicious Girl Scout cookies can be made for a none face-to-face submission)

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