Monday, February 3, 2014

Bb Collaborate Maintenance

SU has been notified by Blackboard Inc that they will be upgrading our Collaborate system on Saturday, Feb. 8 from 10:00p US Eastern time until Sunday, Feb. 9 at 6:00a US Eastern time. During this time Collaborate will not be available. Please plan accordingly.
Should you experience problems with Collaborate after this, please submit a help ticket by clicking the button to the left or going to or call the Help desk at 540-665-5555.
This upgrade will correct the following items:
Resolved Issues
  • High definition cameras are now properly recognized as devices.
  • Issue with Clip Art images not loading into library has been resolved.
  • Improvements made to Application Sharing performance.
  • Exception error dialogs are no longer issued when closing a session.
  • Participants can no longer continue chatting privately when their Chat permission is removed after they started chatting.
  • Users are now able to switch to video cameras with the same device name.
  • Edit menu options are no longer disabled when working with Whiteboard objects.
  • The system now provides error codes (numbers) for Integrated Telephony issues.
  • The Whiteboard Screen Capture tool now properly pastes images to the Whiteboard.
  • Resolved issue with loss of focus when entering Chat messages while a Web Tour was underway.
  • "Hide names in recordings” option now functions properly after erasing a recording and starting a new one.
  • Improved Chat auto-scrolling when user moves between rooms.
  • Resolved issues with the Record button causing intermittent Video display problems.
  • Whiteboard navigation buttons are no longer disabled when a session is launched with pre-loaded files.
  • Resolved Whiteboard syncing issues on mobile devices.
  • The correct icons for Telephony are now displayed.
  • A number of issues with translations have been corrected.
 How will users access the Blackboard Collaborate 12.6 release?
Users will automatically download the new version the first time they join one of your Blackboard Collaborate 12.6 web conferencing sessions. The download is approximately 8 MB, so be sure to notify your users of this update.

Where can I get more information about Web Conferencing 12.6?
Blackboard Collaborate has the following resources available:
Best Regards,
Melissa Stange

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