Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Girl Scout Cookies for your Insightful Information!

Last week, we were giving away Girl Scout cookies for all users who visited Traveling Bb Support and filled out a survey!  The information that we received was incredibly insightful, and helps us know exactly what we need to work on.

"What was the survey all about?"

The survey was about your thoughts about SU's Bb environment.  What can we do, as the IC Bb team to improve the experience.  How can this system be better for you, the SU Bb user.  Though the survey was simple by design and deployment, the responses we received were anything but! 
Luckily, everybody provided information that is extremely useful in knowing where we need to focus our efforts!  

That being said, the survey went so well that Techwinkle is ready for round 2.  A second huge pile of Girl Scout cookies is piled up and ready to be distributed to SU Bb users in exchange for their insightful information.

That's right, delicious cookies are back up for grabs when you come and visit Techwinkle at Traveling Bb Support and hill out the survey!

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