Monday, January 13, 2014

Techwinkle the Traveling Bb Support Moose!

The Traveling Bb Support Moose has had its name revealed in front of an audience in the Ferrari Room! Techwinkle!

Please feel free to add @techwinkle to twitter, as it will begin tweeting about some of the latest information about your SU Blackboard environment!

Today's ceremony went off without a hitch, and had a pretty good turn-out. The snacks were plentiful, the prizes were awesome, and the goodies were abundant. However, it wasn't strictly a day of moose-play, Blackboard Inc. sent down a usability team to gather some information from our SU students who will ultimately contribute in making future Blackboard pieces as user friendly as possible!

Word on the street is that Techwinkle, has a new goal:  To have all SU Blackboard users using Blackboard better!

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