Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 1/6-1/10

Student Tech Buzz 1/6-1/10


To those of you who are traveling back to SU, please make sure your travels are safe and warm.
Naming the Moose, the Ceremony
The name for the SU Traveling Blackboard Moose has been found, but there is one more important task to complete before the name is revealed! 

A Celebration!

On Monday, January 13th from 12:30pm-2pm there will be a huge celebration in the Ferrari room!

Make sure to stop by and watch the revealing of the name, and then stay for quality snacks, goodies, and a wild amount of Blackboard support for all users.

I can't reveal the entire surprise, but let me just say, this is going to be a big deal! Don't miss out!

Let's start this semester off by having a great time, eating lots of snacks, receiving some cool goodies, and learning how to use Blackboard better.

  • Monday, January 13, 2014 
  • 12:30pm-12:45pm for the naming ceremony
  • 12:45-2pm for snacks, socializing, Blackboard Support, and Usability Labs (provided by Blackboard Inc.'s UX Team, The Center for Teaching and Learning, and the IC Department's Bb Team)
    • You are not required to stay for any amount of time once you come to the event. 
  • Ferrari Room, Brandt Student Center

Help Has Arrived!

Did you know that students will be able to access all kinds of help directly through their Blackboard courses just by exploring the available menu items? Let's breakdown the types of help you can receive from the two tabs that are highlighted in the image:
  • Technology Training- When you click on this tab, you will be brought to Atomic Learning.  Atomic Learning is a place that SU users can go to access all kinds of information about software that you may be using at this university.
  • Help & Support-  The one-stop-shop for all of your campus help needs.  If you need information about the services that exist to you as a student, this is going to be an excellent resource for you.  Click Help & Support to read more about all of the information that is contained with the Help & Support menu item
Keep in mind, professors have the ability to hide/delete these menu items as they choose.
Blackboard's New Terms of Service for Profile and Social Features
Blackboard will now request that you agree to terms of service before allowing you to access your Blackboard Profile and Social features. Once you click "I have read these terms and agree to them and am at least 13 years of age." And hit "Agree" you will receive a verification email at the email address you provide on the next screen.

This semester, we would love our Bb users to continue to use Blackboard's Profile and Social tools in new and exciting ways, so make sure to log on, read the terms of service, and agree to them! 

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