Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Student Tech Buzz 1/27-1/31

Student Tech Buzz 1/27-1/31
This Semester, Pay Attention to your Blackboard Calendar
As we ease our way into this semester, the first rounds of tests and assignments are beginning to come due.

Courses that utilize Blackboard heavily will most likely have due dates associated with their assignments and examinations.  What this means for you as a student user is that your Blackboard Calendar will automatically populate with your course's due dates so you never get caught unaware.

Keep in mind that if your professor does not utilize Blackboard enough to create and deploy assignments within Blackboard your course's calendar will not automatically populate with this information.

For more information about Blackboard Calendars read this IC Tech Blog entry
Expanding the Content Editor

Get ready to revisit the fundamentals, as we take a look at one of the most basic tasks that can dramatically increase your overall Blackboard experience.

In the top right corner of the Content Editor (The text editor that appears anytime you are filling out information within Blackboard) there is a double chevron that you can click that gives you two additional rows of formatting options.

Once you have expanded the Content Editor for the first time, make sure to spend a few moments exploring to see exactly what you have been missing all of this time.

Take a look at the left side image to see exactly where to expand the Content Editor!
Line Spacing in the Content Editor
Getting the exact Line spacing in the Blackboard Content Editor that you desire is incredible easy and intuitive.  In fact, it is much easier than most SU Bb users imagine.

When you hit a hard return (hitting "Enter") Blackboard's Content Editor defaults by double spacing.  If you desire a single space between your lines just hit Shift+Enter and your
text will be separated by a single space.

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