Friday, January 10, 2014

"Celebration!" Cries the Moose

The SU's Traveling Blackboard Support Moose has lowered its adorable shoulders and thrown back its gloriously fuzzy antlers to cry-out one simple message, "Celebration!"

What is the cause of all of this very moosey celebrating?  Well... The story is as old as time itself; however, the abridged version is as follows:

"When the great moose-prints of time began to march ever forward, and the first rack of powerful moose-antlers were formed from the same particles that were forged in the belly of stars, the first moose began to roam through space and time itself.  After eons of interstellar moose-travel, a moose, found a planet that happened to have pristine virgin forests and somewhat comfortable moss. After moments of debate, the moose decided this was a suitable home for moose-kind.  That moose, came to be known as, "that big animal in the woods."  For decades the moose enjoyed the shelter that the forest provided, but it always yearned to be called something more.  Over time, the yearning for a proper noun to associate itself with a public identity became a compulsion so strong that the moose learned the local language and asked, "Hey folks, could you please name me something.  I'd really appreciate a good name."  And so the people named the moose, "Gordon." After that, the moose summoned all of his strength and shouted towards the stars to all moose far and wide that he, in fact, had been given a proper name. It was that day that from then on all moose celebrate when one of their own are bestowed a name."

- Moose Lore Compendium page 1,337 article 2. (The contents of which may or may not be rooted in reality)

Now that you know one of the most secret and interesting facts about deep moose-lore, it should be imminently clear why the IC Department Bb Team is proud to announce that our very own SU Traveling Blackboard Support Moose has found its name!

Come celebrate with the SU Traveling Blackboard Support Moose at the moment it discovers its proper name!

  • Monday, January 13th
  • Ferrari Room
  • 12:30pm-2:00pm (Naming Ceremony and prize handing out starts at 12:30pm and will finish by 12:45pm)
  • 12:45pm-2pm (socializing, snack eating, goodies distribution, a few surprised that will leave you wondering, "Did that just happen at SU?", and Bb Support/Bb Usability Labs provided by Blackboard Inc.'s UX Team, The Center for Teaching and Learning, and the IC Department's Bb Team)

Please feel free to stay as long as you would like, but leave whenever you must!

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