Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Student Tech Buzz 12/2-12/6

Student Tech Buzz 12/2-12/6
Service Pack 14 Coming to Blackboard After Break.

Students, when you arrive back from break, you will notice that your Blackboard environment has been updated to reflect the most cutting edge Blackboard Service Pack.

There are lots of great upgrades within this service pack. Most of the upgrades are on the faculty side, but student users are certainly not going to be left out!

Perhaps the best student user update is a "My Grades" update which will allow students to order their grades more intuitively.

Studying into the night?  Remember, you have access to After Hours Support

Finals have almost arrived, and for many of you that means late nights!  Just because SU staff members have gone home for the day, does not mean that you are left without support.

Remember, all SU users have after hours support available to them.

The best part about this support is that you just call the Help Desk phone number that you already use, and an operator will assist you with your issue.

After Hours Support & Help Desk Phone Number:
Blackboard is asking for SU STUDENT participation.

Blackboard has asked IC if there were any students who would volunteer to do a 45minute-1 hour usability study. If you or your friends would like to participate please contact directly and receive further instructions!

As many of you know, the feedback that Blackboard receives from SU Students can and often does contribute directly towards changes within Blackboard.

Your opinions make a difference and matter to Blackboard!


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