Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Su.edu/Bb, Your Shenandoah University Blackboard Information Site

There are many resources available to SU users for Blackboard support here at Shenandoah University. For Example:
  • We send out our Technology Liaison, Tristan Plummer, to provide immediate Bb support for all Blackboard users on daily visits around campus called Traveling Blackboard Support
  • We write a daily tech blog, a Doah column, and a weekly tech buzz that often times contain useful Blackboard information.  
  • We encourage our workorder system to be used as much as possible so that users can get quality assistance incredibly quickly. 
  • We also have such a close relationship with Blackboard that when SU makes suggestions, Blackboard will consider our ideas and even change the entire Blackboard system (Have you noticed that the Journal instructions are back to the top of the Journal's main screen?  Yes, all Blackboard users see that now, and yes, it was a suggestion that came from SU).
  • Blackboard has made available a phenomenal website for all users called help.blackboard.com (This website does not contain information about SU's specific Blackboard environment)
  • We have created Blackboard courses for Organization Leaders and Students to participate in to acclimate them to SU's Blackboard environment
Despite all of the above support, perhaps the best Blackboard resource available to all of our users is Shenandoah University's Blackboard website.  

If you have not been to Su.edu/Bb, you're missing out on a knowledge-treat.  Here you will find:
  • System Announcements, a simple way to be in the know about SU's Blackboard system
  • Browser Compatibility Information
  • Forms for achieving your specific Blackboard goals
  • Faculty information (If you're curious as a student to see how the Faculty side works, this is an awesome resource)
  • Student information (Includes how to take tests, turn in assignments, use the calendar tool and much more)
  • Organization Leader information
  • Integration Tools (Awesome tools that can make your Blackboard experience way more interesting, interactive, and personalized)
Keep in mind, where help.blackboard.com is a website created by Bb Inc. Su.edu/bb is a website created here at SU.  The information contained within this website is relevant to our specific Blackboard environment, making it your go to location for SU Blackboard instant knowledge gratification!


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