Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Student Tech Buzz 11/25-11/29

On behalf of the IC Department, may you, your family, and all of those close to you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
IC Department Annoucement:
Students will NOT see Spring courses until after all final exams have concluded.

The Moose With No Name
Help the new Traveling Blackboard Support mascot get a name! Click here to participate. If you submit the winning name, you will receive the $100 prize!

Visit the moose at any of the Traveling Blackboard Support sessions to receive some Moose naming inspirado (Also visit if you have any Blackboard related questions that you need assistance with)!

Visit the moose at the following times and locations around campus:
Bb Traveling Schedule:
  • Mondays: Ruebush 11-12p
  • Tuesday: Shingleton 10-11a, Brandt 12-2p, Gregory 2:30-3:30p
  • Wednesday: Cork 11-1p, HPB 1:30-5p
  • Thursday: NVC 9-12p 1st & 3rd Weeks, Shingleton 2-3p, HHH 3-4:30p
  • Friday: Bowman 12-1p, MOB II 1-3p
Taking Tests in Blackboard, Best Practices
Facing final exams? Let's take a moment to breathe deep, think about the tasks in front of you, and understand how to accomplish these tasks efficiently.

That's better. The panic is already shedding off of you like rain on a waxed car.

When it comes to taking tests online there are a few steps you can take to ensure a nice smooth exam.  If you fail to take these steps, you might not necessarily have problems, but why expose yourself to more stress than you currently possess.

Before the test begins:
  • Clear your browser's cache. 

  • Restart your computer, or turn the wireless card off/on at the testing location (this makes sure your computer is connected to the nearest wireless access point).

  • Close all nonessential programs.  During testing, you should refrain from virus scanning, Skyping, World of Warcrafting, Tweeting, and anything else that is on your computer that is not related to your test.  Not only do other programs distract you, they could potentially disrupt your connection to the internet in a way that can negatively impact your ability to take tests.
Overhaul to

The Blackboard Support Team has overhauled to make the site more informative and user-friendly for all SU users!

As most of you know, SU's version of Blackboard is different than the stock Blackboard Learn. is your nexus for specific information about SU's Blackboard environment.

Additionally, check System News often to see the most recent news and information about your Blackboard system.

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