Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Have you tried to Access the Library Tab Within Bb Recently?

Since November 6, the Library tab has functioned slightly different in that, when you click on the Library tab (a sub tab from the "Academics" top-frame tab), the page will load in a new browser tab. 

I know many of you keep your pop-up blocker settings on and always vigilant to protect your computer from annoying advertisements (remember, if a popup says you've won a new iPad, chances are, you're just going to win some malware and a headache if you click on it).

If you keep your pop-up blocker on, make sure that you pay attention to your browser when trying to open the Library tab because it will most likely prompt you to disable pop-up protection for this page in particular.  Disable your pop-up blocker for this particular page and everything will work as you would have expected.

On a side note,  I want to point out that the Tech Support top-frame tab within Blackboard contains a subtab called "Library Passwords" where you can get the username and passwords to many Library related resources.

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