Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Take a Tour Through Blackboard's Best of the Best!

Let's face it, not all Blackboard courses are created equal.  This statement makes a lot of intuitive sense when you spend more time creating courses within Blackboard (If you are a student user and would like to give creating a Blackboard course a shot, check out Blackboard's free Coursesites webpage).

Because Blackboard offers such a buffet of features, each course can be vastly different.  With so many options available to professors courses can be created and administered exactly as they see fit!

With that in mind, Blackboard began a program called the "Exemplary Course Program."  Here is a bit of information on the program:

"The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program began in 2000 with the goal of identifying and disseminating best practices for designing engaging online courses.  Using a rubric instructors and course designers are able to evaluate how well their own course conforms to best practices for Course Design, Interaction & Collaboration, Assessment and Learner Support." - Bb Inc

If any of you fantastic Blackboard users out there would like to take a tour through Blackboard's best and brightest courses, go to the following youtube channel and take some course tours!  You might just be amazed, and hopefully inspired to create Blackboard courses that educate all users within the course effectively.

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