Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bb Traveling Support

The Traveling Bb Support Schedule is as follows.  Come visit Techwinkle, and Tristan to receive some of the quickest Bb assistance that SU has to offer!

  • Mondays
Ruebush Hall, 11-12p
  • Tuesday-
Shingleton Hall, 10-11a
Brandt Student Center, 12-2p
Gregory, 2:30-3:30p
  • Wednesday
Cork Street, 11-1p
  • Thursday
Northern Virginia Campus, 9-12p: 1st & 3rd Weeks of the month
Shingleton Hall, 2:00-3:00p
Halpin-Harrison Hall, 3:30-4:30p
  • Friday
Bowman Building, 12-1p
MOB II, 1-3p

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