Monday, September 23, 2013

Incredible App: Pages

After spending the weekend fiddling with my iPad (though I never updated to iOS 7 because it will break iTunes U links) I was impressed with one app in particular, and that app happens to be free for you if you are a SU student who uses Self Service: Pages.

Pages is a simple, clean, and attractively designed word processor.  Though I used the word "simple" to describe Pages, I do not want you to think this app is lacking capability.  In fact, this app has enough depth to support advanced word processing tasks, providing you have a Bluetooth keyboard to go along with your iPad (without a Bluetooth keyboard, I think writing papers with the on-screen keyboard might prove frustrating for users).

What seems to be the biggest draw for users to Pages is that you get all of the functionality of a more advanced word processor (unless you are doing particularly advanced tasks like creating annotated bibliographies) with all of the mobility of the iPad.

The video below is a great 5 minute Pages tutorial showing you the layout and how some of the features work.

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