Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Excellent App: Penultimate

Are you the type of person who loves taking traditional notes, but dislikes organizing and maintaining lots of paper?  Penultimate could very easily become a game changer for you.

This app is considered to be one of the best apps for blending the versatility of physical notes with the convenience of digital notes. See, with this app, you use your finger or stylus to write down your notes as if your screen was a normal piece of paper. For users who intend on writing lengthy notes, I recommend getting a stylus, as I believe it will enhance your experience and help you achieve the notes that you desire.

Now, I would imagine some of you more difficult to impress readers might be wondering, "That sounds like just another drawing app."  It isn't. What makes this app so great is what can be done immediately after your notes have been taken. With a press of your finger or stylus, you can save, store, export, and email your notes to the appropriate location so that your notes are never lost!  

For example:  

If you are an Evernote user (which you should be because Evernote is probably the best thing for humanity since Amoxicillin), you can easily export your Penultimate notes to your Evernote notebooks with a single press of the finger.  That means your data is stored quickly, efficiently, and with all the organization you could ever dream of across all of your platforms and mobile devices so your information is accessible anywhere in the world within seconds.  2013 is an amazing year for taking notes, am I right?

Did I mention that Penultimate is available in Self Service so that you can download it easily?  Enjoy!

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