Monday, August 12, 2013

The Blackboard Retention Center: An Insider's Secrets

It may be the case that some of you know what the Blackboard Retention Center is, but I think it is most likely that very few of you have ever heard of it.  So I figured I'd post you some inside information.  Get ready to protect me for whistle-blowing. Hopefully I will not have to spend the next several months in the Moscow airport.  Only time will tell.

It's weird how the IC department staff looks so edgy these days
Blackboard Retention Center is the primary tool that instructors will use to keep tabs on the students who have been doing well and those who have been performing poorly. Think of it like Santa's "naught and nice" list. Yes, that's right, professors can totally Big-Brother you with the Blackboard Retention Center.

The Retention Center is all about the students' academic activity. A professor can log on, see who has been frequently absent from class, not participating, neglecting to log into the Bb system (make sure you have SU's Mobile app so you can access our Bb Mobile Learn on all of your devices so this never becomes a problem).  In fact, the system is so sophisticated that Blackboard automatically warns the professor of students who are failing to uphold their academic obligations.  Furthermore, with a single click, the professor can form an email to all of the students who are lacking behind in various categories, and shoot them a "get your stuff together" email.

If knowledge is power, then with the video provided below, you might be able to end America's dependency on foreign oil.

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