Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Introducing a New IT Blogger

New Blogger:  
Tristan Plummer

Ask Tristan, "How can I Blackboard Better?"

Tristan's offical job title is, "Technology Liaison." Essentially he will be a resource for a lot of your Blackboard needs.  In fact, if you ever need help, Tristan might be one of the folks answering your Web Help Desk inquiries as well.

A brief refresher about the Web Help Desk from July 22nd's blog.

To report an issue to Institutional Computing make sure to submit a Help Ticket, here is how: 

1.Go to workorder.su.edu

2.Login with your SUnet Username and Password
3.From the Help Desk page, select the correct Request Type in the drop-down list
4.From the second  Request Type tab, select the correct Request Item
5.From the third Request Type tab, select the type of Help Needed
6.Enter all applicable fields, including Subject, Request Detail, and Location. In the Request Detail section, please include specific information about your issue, including where and when the issue occurred, what you need fixed, and the time sensitivity of the issue
7.Please select the correct Asset under, My Assets
8.When you have entered all the necessary information for the ticket, choose Save at the bottom of the page

Eventually Tristan will be a common sight around our campus as he will be tasked with going to our various halls and assisting with Blackboard matters anyway possible.  He is not shy, go up to him and ask him to show you some simple tips and tricks that can save you and your friends valuable time.

You can feel free to stop by Tristan's office, room 41 in the bottom of the Smith Library.  He will be available, for the next few weeks from 9am-5pm EST.  

Instead of ending today's blog with a simple introduction, I wanted to take a little time to discuss one of my favorite cross platform applications, Evernote.  This easy to install program can be setup on all of your devices under a common account, that way anytime you update information to Evernote it is accessible no matter what device you are currently using.

Why use Evernote?

Evernote is software that allows you to manage your thoughts, ideas, photographs, interesting internet finds, to-do task lists, and various other experiences that need to be organized in this complicated age.  Long story short, if you use Evernote effectively, You will never lose information again.  Here is a really simple preview of Evernote's easy-to-use interface.

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