Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Creative Commons For Students

Students have you heard of Creative Commons? Do you know what it is and why it is important? If not, your not alone! Below is a graphic that might help you understand it more. 

creative commons border= Graphic Source:

People who create digital content add to the body of knowledge available on the Web, but if they do not allow their content to be used by others the content is not as useful as it could be. Creative Commons (CC) licensing allows others to use and in some cases even add content o that work. This is where the importance of a licensing body such as Creative Commons comes into play as a way to keep innovations flowing. 

Remember though tools like Creative Commons are not alternatives to copyright laws! Neet to learn more about copyright laws? Then clikc the link below to review the presentation created by Kay Chadwell at Brisbane Catholic Education, notice how she cites the CC license on the slides. 

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