Monday, June 3, 2013

Students - How To Find Your Grades On Blackboard

Before the Blackboard (Bb) upgrade on May 17,  students had a "Grades" link under Bb Tools that allowed them to see all their grades without going into each class. Since the upgrade this link has been removed. Instead students can use the My Bb Tab, the global navigation, or the My Blackboard area outside courses or use My Grades on the course menu or Tools, My Grades within each course. 

The My Grades page shows the status of gradable items, such as tests, assignments, journal and blog entries, and discussion posts. The My Grades page may include item names, details, due dates, student and instructor dates of activity, posted grades, points possible, links to rubrics used for grading, and your instructor's comments about the items.

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From the global navigation, select My Grades.
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 My Grade Item Status
The following table describes the symbols appearing on the My Grades page.

Symbol Description
- Item has not been completed. No information is available.
green check mark Item is completed, but will not have a grade (for items such as surveys).
yellow exclamation mark Item has been submitted. This item is waiting to be reviewed by your instructor. -OR-
Item has been submitted. Your instructor may review this item but may not be provided a grade (for items such as surveys).
Grade Item has been graded. Click the grade to view detailed feedback.
blue pie chart Attempt is in progress. This item has not been submitted. To submit the item, see Submitting a Draft Assignment.
dashed circle Grade is exempted for this user. If you do not complete this assignment, it will not affect your grade.
red exclamation mark Error has occurred. Contact your instructor.

Blackboard Inc, provides a generic video here and here to demo these areas.  SU users can also find documentation on the the SU Bb Support Site at or within the SU Atomic Learning site here (login with SUNet username/password).

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