Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sign-up or Verify Your SU Emergency Alert Account Today!

On behalf of the Emergency Operations Team, the campus community is encouraged to sign up to receive Shenandoah University emergency notifications. These notifications are integral to your safety in the event of an emergency.

Click here for more information on the university’s alert system, e2campus. The link to this information is always located in the footer of each page on Shenandoah University’s website
under “Emergency Information.”

Need to sign up for emergency alerts? 
  • Sign into Blackboard
 and select “Community” at the top of the page
  • Then, select “Emergency Alert” from the sub menu and follow the instructions to sign-up for alerts

Already signed up for alerts? 
Take some time to log in to your account and check its status. 
  • Sign into Blackboard
 and select “Community” at the top of the page 
  • Then, select “Emergency Alert” from the sub menu
  • Locate “SU Alert Login” and enter your username and password
; then select the Services tab

  • If your account is inactive, click on “make active” (blue message to the far right of your cell phone and email information)

If you have questions or problems with the e2Campus system, please contact the Auxiliary Services Office at 540-665-4925.

As always, the Shenandoah University Department of Public Safety is on call 24/7 and can be reached at 540/678-4444 or 540/665-4614 at any time.

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