Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Student Tool Added To Bb!

Students, have you ever wanted to tell all your instructors the same message? Until now you had to send each instructor a separate email. This involved you having to copy & paste the text into each email. Doing this within Bb, so you did not memorize each instructors email address, was time consuming because you had to go into each course, click on the send email tool, select to send to the course instructor, and hit submit. 

The new Qwickly module, which is located on the "Academics" tab within Blackboard (Bb) Learn now contains a Student Tool that allows students to email all instructors of multiple courses at once.

Simply click in the box in front of the course you want the message to go to the instructor or click on the "select all" link. Type a subject and your message, then hit submit. All instructors listed on the course will get your message. 

The next time you are going to miss class, use Qwickly to notify all your instructors!

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