Monday, June 17, 2013

A Google+ Profile & Social Learn Profile: Means Optimizing Your Social Business Card

What is a Google+ Business Card or Hovercard, it is optimization of your Google+ profile. Everyone at SU has a Google+ profile, you just need to personalize it. Start by uploading a photo of yourself, not your dog/cat, then enter a tag line that tells the world about your or your skills. List where you are employed (faculty/staff) or attending school (students), list any degrees or certificates you may have, and maybe your location (if you don't mind people knowing where you live).  If you want to go a step further, use a Google+ template. Click here to see one template. Other templates are available on the Web, just do a Google search.  Having your Hovercard optimized will help more people find you and add you to their circles and you will become a valuable online resource in your area of expertise. To learn more about the Hovercard click here; contact IC's Technology Coordinator, Devon Taylor, and watch the video below.

Just like you have a Google+ card, you also have a Blackboard (Bb) Learn profile card. The difference is that your Bb card is only seen within Bb Learn instances that have the Social Cloud enabled. The Social profile allows for an email beyond that of your SU.EDU email. Why? First let me remind everyone that your SU.EDU email is the official form of communication. The social email is for non-official social learning opportunities and communications. It allows people to take their profiles with them upon leaving SU.

To setup your Bb Social profile, log into Blackboard and either on the My Bb tab or by the My Blackboard link in the upper right corner click on person graphic or your picture. Then Click "Edit My Profile" to begin creating your profile. The image you upload as an avatar to your user profile overwrites any other avatar images you have with your user account. To learn more about avatars in your user account, see How to Personalize My Settings. Select your privacy level, share something about yourself and list your contact email(s). Keep in mind this email is different than the one within your classes & organizations. Make sure you respond to the email verification sent by Blackboard. Your Bb profile card will be displayed when someone in hovers over your name in a discussion board, looks at the class roster, and searchs the SU Social Learning Network. If you elect to share your profile with others, you will have the opportunity to learn from people all over the world.

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Have additional questions about setting up your Bb profile? Email your questions to, look on the SU Bb Support site ( for the answer, or watch a help video within SU's Atomic Learning site (

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