Monday, May 13, 2013

Two Learning Tools: Quizlet and Blackbaord Learn

Students, you can use Quizlet to study almost anything, click here to see what is available to study. Faculty/Organization Leaders, if you are looking for a quick way to help your students learn terms and definitions then you might want to try Quizlet, a web based Flash card tool and much more.

Quizlet Sample
With a free account you can turn your list of vocabulary words or concepts into a set of flash cards. You can organize your flash card set into groups, and set privacy options. Quizlet has a study mode that will let turn your flash cards into random tests of written, matching, multiple choice, and true and false questions. Students/Participants can also choose to learn in game mode with Scatter and Space Race.
Flash cards are accessible and printable. You can choose to embed them within your course/organization content. Quizlet is also mobile friendly and can work on smart phones and iPads. Learn more about Quizzlet,

You can simply embed code that you could paste into a virtual textbook editor in HTML mode or you could talk nice to your Bb System Admin and get them to install the FREE Quizlet Building Block from Michael Fudge. This building block is a mashup tool.

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