Friday, May 17, 2013

SU Network Trivia

Most of you probably do not know the men who keep SU connected to the Internet, our wireless connections working, and keep the university data safe. So let me introduce you to Ken Lambert, James Randall, Danny Fox, Eric Braithwaite, Ron Combs, and Bob Bukowski
Shenandoah's network team was first recognized by Yahoo!, when they were ranked 24th out of 50 small colleges on the "Most Wired" list. These hard working guys did not stop there, instead they quickly embarrassed wireless ttechnology and deployed it within the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy. This early adoption got SU re-recognized in 2004 by Intel for being one of the top 100 most unwired colleges. SU was ranked 56th. That was just behind Bucknell University and ahead of Cornell University, Standford University, and Harvard University. This ranking was based on accessibility for broadband and wireless Internet. Even with these achievements, SU's networking staff knew there were improvements that could still be done, so they teamed up with Cisco to create an award-winning learning environment for students, click here to read more. These guys share their knowledge and best practices with other schools by presenting at conferences.
Did you know that SU currently has 290 wireless access points, supports nearly 6000 wireless devices on our campus, there are typically more than 2000 devices connected to SU's wireless network on an given day and the most prevalent wireless connection is capable of 300 mbps (802.11N).   Six people are able to make all this happen because each has more than 16 years of experience and together have more than 130 years of knowledge to guide their way. 
During the summer semester the networking staff will be working hard to enhance varies technologies. These improvements may cause intermittent downtime, but rest assured they will be minimal. If you believe you are having a wireless and/or network problem while on campus? Then click here or go to the Help Desk website ( and click on the Wireless/Network Log icon to report the issue. Have a laptop or mobile device you want to connect to SU's network (a.k.a. 3SU)? Then click here and follow the instructions to connect your device

You are always welcome to stop by and visit with Ken, James, Danny, Eric, Ron, or Bob in the Institutional Computing department. Don't be surprised though to find that they are out walking around campus making sure everything is ok with the network.

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