Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Blackboard's On Demand Learning Center

Like watching short videos instead of reading text for learning a new skill? Learn more about Blackboard (Bb) Learn through the On Demand Learning Center. The On Demand Learning Center includes short, interactive video lessons called Quick Tutorials and short documents, called Getting Started Guides, designed to get you familiar with a feature in 15 minutes. Many of the Quick Tutorials are under 3 minutes long.
There are four sections to the On Demand Learning Center available:
Understand & Building Your Courses: This area focuses on working in the Blackboard course environment, building course content, setting permissions, reporting, and some best practices. This is a good place to check out Best Practices and to get ideas from other institutions around the nation.
Communicating & Collaborating: This area focuses on discussion boards, groups, blogs, journals, wikis, and announcements. This area will show you the different options under the collaboration tools in Blackboard by watching the videos on how to create each one.
Assessing Learners: This area focuses on the grade center, test, surveys, pools, assignments, and student performance. This will show instructors how to create different types of questions available for test and a preview of what they will look like on a test.
For Students: This area focuses on Blackboard from the student perspective, including short videos on many of the areas students commonly use in your course. Faculty can put these links into their courses as a Bb tutorial/review for students who are new to Bb. Faculty can also see how the student side of Bb functions. Students can watch these videos to learn how to complete task their instructors are asking them to do in class, such as participating in a wiki or keep a private online journal.
Another aspect of all the On Demand Videos, they have a variety of accessibility features:
  • All videos are closed captioned. Click the CC button in the player to see the captions.
  • Narration is descriptive of each task from start to finish.
  • Interactivity can be skipped by keyboard stroke.
  • Visual feedback shows the correct click path for all interactive elements.
  • Longer videos allow viewers to skip segments.
Make sure to check out and bookmark the On Demand Learning Center, it might just have the answers to your questions. If not look at the SU Bb Support Site at or email

There are also Bb how-to videos located within the SU Atomic Learning site. Just click here and login with your SUNet user/password. Remember you can access the atomic learning site over the summer and learn a new technology skill of your choice.

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